Let's face it, a lot of corporate apparel is lame. How many times have you seen a boring polo shirt with the standard embroidered left chest logo?

Little-to-no thought or creativity in what you choose to outfit your team also leads to little-to-no excitement from your team when they have to wear it. You can guarantee that polo will only be worn once, and only when required. This is a waste of your budget!


There are so many fashionable apparel brands available as well as new, cutting-edge decoration techniques that will give you a bigger bang for your buck; so why not zig where others zag?

Your employees will thank you, changing their mentality from "this is something I have to wear today" to "this is something I WANT to wear every day!" and you can't go wrong with your employee looking stylish while representing the company on a Saturday.

To make this garment even more "gifty" while reinforcing your company's values, add a custom retail hang tag with your mission statement or a nice thank you note in the pocket. This message can reinforce how valuable they are to the company and show them that they are appreciated.

We promise, these small, thoughtful gestures will help boost company morale and make your employees feel they are appreciated for all of their hard work, taking them from regular employees to brand ambassadors!


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