Diagram of workplace diversity

In our all-company meeting, there was consensus that Brand Fuel is an open, welcoming organization. And that we always try to do the right thing, especially when it is hard. Like most businesses, we can and should do better. We all agreed that we need to create a diversity program to attract top talent, create a stronger and engaging collaborative culture with unique perspectives and, finally, to vote with our dollars in our industry and local communities that we love and serve.

So, our team developed a plan that we will augment over time. And we hope you will find enough value in it that you will share and adapt it if you think it will help in your journey. We have zero pride in authorship.

What are KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for Brand Fuel’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) focus?

1. Create a DEI Committee that will create initiatives and hold us accountable.

2. Place a focus on diverse hires.

    • KPI: Determine a number or % of diverse employees: 20%.
      • Note: This is how we ensure implicit bias is not a part of our hiring process: READ MORE.
    • KPI: Create a number of leadership opportunities for diverse hires: 50.

 3. Vote with our dollars by spending with diverse suppliers.

    • KPI: Determine % of sales: 10%.
    • KPI: Determine the overall % of orders: 10%.
    • KPI: % of presentations with products from diverse suppliers: 25%.
    • Add a “DEI” product category to our website.
      • KPI: Determine a minimum number of products: 100.
      • Note: We have access to an updated diverse supplier database. Just ask! info@brandfuel.com

4. Programming for all-company DEI education and training.

    • KPI: Meetings to teach and discuss DEI subject matter: Quarterly.

5. Devote a percentage of our “BrandGood” investment in community nonprofits leading positive change around DEI.

    • KPI: Determine the number of nonprofits: 10.
    • KPI: Determine how much money and volunteer hours to donate: 1% of total sales.

6. Recognize Juneteenth as a day off for our team and make it a day of reflection versus “just another day off.”

So, that’s where our iconic rocket has landed as of today. It is clear that we have lots of important work to do. And we’d love your feedback. In closing, we have learned that the word “action” is an integral part of the word “attraction.” So, share this, join us, and do your part to keep this sensitive but critical discussion going (and try to keep the political rhetoric out of the mix).

~Your friends at Brand Fuel

p.s. If you are uncertain whether or not investing resources into a DEI Program makes sense for your organization, this article might help and this video might provide some guidance.

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p.p.p.s. If you are uncertain about how privilege looks, watch this video and answer the questions listed underneath the video.

p.p.p.p.s. The Enlightrepreneurs are elevating the conversation in a meaningful way through The Commonwealth.

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