Our favorite promo products

Jacque Anthony

Mini USB Mobile Phone Fan
“This handy 3-in-1 Fan is like a breath of fresh air when I’m out walking on a hot day or sitting at my desk, breaking a sweat trying to meet a deadline! The Micro USB/Lightning connector is compatible with most phones and the USB plug allows me to even plug it into my computer or a USB hub.”

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Jessie Bryan

Alternative Apparel Adrian Hoodie
“I’m a bit of an apparel snob, and Alternative is my go-to for cozy-yet-stylish basics. This hoodie is super soft, more flattering than your average sweatshirt, AND it contains organic and recycled materials! Oh, and did I mention that the men’s companion style is called the Rocky? (Adrian and Rocky! Get it???) Truly the ideal hoodie.”

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Aarica Burkholder

Bagito Reusable Produce Bag
“I love these reusable produce bags and I LOVE this company!!  They are really trying to make a difference in the zero-waste movement and each purchase supports K-12 environmental literacy!”

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Lyle Core

The Coolest Cooler
“I love The Coolest Cooler!  I spend lots of time at the beach during the summer and I could not survive the day without one by my side. It literally has everything  you need; a battery-powered blender incorporated into the lid for making frozen cocktails, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker, magnetic corkscrew, 4 plastic plates and utensils, 1 ceramic knife, cutting board, bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher molded into the front, solar panel for recharging batteries, USB charging port for charging your phone or electronic devices, built-in bungee cord for stacking and carrying beach gear on top.  We can brand the front panel of the cooler as well as the backside of the solar panel, perfect for co-branding with multiple logo’s or messaging.”

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Mike Edwards

Maguire Backpack
“This backpack is a tech-protecting powerhouse. It’s a well-made pack that’s also comfortable enough to travel with. Stylish and sleek, it also offers some of the most unique branding capabilities of any backpack we have available. The strap and patch are dye sublimated so you can get as creative as you want to make it match your company’s vibe, which is something that everyone upholding your brand can get excited about.”

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Robert Fiveash

Cord Organizer
“I love the Toddy Tie because it’s an inexpensive ‘tech’ item that won’t get tossed. Under $2 at low quantities (and under $1 at very high quantities), this handy item can be used and appreciated by all who lose control of their various cords — isn’t that all of us?! And, importantly, it comes with a backer card that can be customized in full color for the clients’ longer messaging.”

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Renee Flewwellen

Sequin Logo T-Shirt
“Everyone at Brand Fuel knows I am the go-to for anything glittery & sparkly, so I could not disappoint! We have seen items with this ‘mermaid sequin’ effect in retail on pillows and throw blankets, and now we can brand these Sequin t-shirts for you with your full-color logo. One side of the sequins are blank silver, but then you use your hand to brush the sequins in the opposite direction, unveiling white sequins and your full-color logo. If a t-shirt isn’t your thing, we can also do hats, notebooks, pouches and even a power bank. It is magical, interactive and addicting! Can you tell I love this stuff?”

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Laura Gibson

Metallic Mardi Gras Sunglasses
“I absolutely love these Metallic Mardi Gras Sunglasses in red. These glasses are perfect for beach trips, boating excursions, walks by the water, or just cruising around town. They are lightweight and comfortable, so even on hot days you don’t have to worry about constantly pushing them up.”

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John Griffin

Rubberized Mirrored Sunglasses
“These sunglasses are my favorite Brand Fuel product because I dropped them off the top of the Belfry tower in Bruges Belgium. Both lenses popped out, I yelled down from the tower to some kid passing by. The kid grabbed the two lenses and put them with the frame on a wall down below. I ran down and grabbed them, popped the lenses back in, and it was like it never even happened. To this day there is not a scratch on my glasses and I wear them every day! That tower is 272 feet in the air and those glasses fell onto a stone ground! I mean…. cmon.”

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Jesse Guidry

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad
“I love this wireless charging mouse pad! It is the perfect desk mate. I am all about multifunction, and this fits that theme perfectly. Not only is it a great mouse pad with great branding space, but it is also a fast wireless charger! Life moves fast, so why shouldn’t our phone charging?”

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Justin Harms

Boltron Wireless Charging Pad
“The Boltron Wireless Charging pad keeps my devices charged and ready to go! It makes charging as simple as placing your device on a surface, so you can grab and go without the hassle of a tangled mess or unplugging cords. It even allows you to simultaneously charge 5 devices! Say hello to the future of charging.”

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Tyler Heller

Mission Pack
“When I use The Mission Pack I’m always thinking, ‘Mission Accomplished!’ With its deep interior carry-all pocket, computer sleeve, and insulated cooler pocket, this bag is my carry-all for all of my necessities while keeping my White Claws cold. Every journey must start with a mission!”

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LaNell Jones

Reusable Straws
“Thoughtful Giveaway ✓
Budget-Friendly ✓
Save A Turtle, Help the Planet ✓ “

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Olivia Loevner

Folding Travel Dog Bowl
“I love working out and taking the office dogs for a walk! That being said, the Folding Dog Bowl is a MUST! It clips on to my pants and allows me to hydrate the pooches during the hot summer months!”

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Ryan Mensch

Tech Caddy
“The Toddy Tech Caddy is where I keep all my things! Seriously, whether I’m traveling back and forth to the office or headed to the beach for a long weekend, I take the Toddy Tech Caddy everywhere I go. I keep my 20000 mAh power bank in there, as well as about every type of cord known to man (because you never know). We kept it simple, but the full-color sublimation on this item is amazing, so you can get as crazy as you want with your branding too!”

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Kim Olson

Perfect Temp Tumbler
“When I can, I start my day with some fun in the sun! I fill this tumbler with an orange crush adult beverage or water and both will stay cold for hours, often after the sun has gone down. It keeps drinks hot too!”

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Bridget Ray

Beast Gear Cooler Backpack
“I am the busy momma of a 3-and-a-half-year-old little boy and our family is always on the go! Whether it’s to a music festival, a day at the pool, a toddler play date, or just to my backyard, this cooler backpack keeps our drinks cold and my hands free. Caleb has his sippy cup, I have my boozy water… life is good.”

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Danny Rosin

Upcycled Vinyl Album Opener & Journals
“There are 3 responses people will give when they receive a promotional item:
1)Ummm, thanks?
2)Thank you.
Wow is the one we aim for and these products get that reaction almost every time. I absolutely love products that are a combination of these attributes: Functionality, Upcycling, Recycling, Nostalgia (positive memories), Personalization and a Connection to Music. These journals and bottle openers made from recycled albums — where each one has a different album cover design — are the coolest. They inspire conversation every time. More of that, please.”

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Zach Sarner

Zeal Power Bank
“I travel a LOT, and this power bank is great. There’s a digital display, USB-C, and 10,000 mAh of power. It’s sleek, takes a laser engraved logo and fits in tiny pockets, golf bag, tackle box, and backpack. It has 2 USB-A ports @ 2.4amps and can power up my MacBook with the USB-C fast charge. I use this ALL of the time traveling, in town for meetings, and on weekends.”

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Alex Stowe

TenFour Power Bank
Full-Color Charging Cable
“The TenFour is the Cadillac of power banks!! With two USB ports, one USB-C port and 10,400 mAh of power this baby never leaves me without the juice I need for any device. The ability to add beautiful full-color graphics makes this a truly awesome promotional giveaway that will be used on a regular basis for years to come. Combine it with one of our full-color charging cables and you have a gift set that just won’t quit! TenFour good buddy, over & out!”

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Taunya Taylor

Women’s Zen Pullover
“I love the Women’s Zen Pullover quarter zip because I can wear it in the summer while I complete barn chores. It provides just the right amount of protection without making me uncomfortably hot! The long sleeves protect my arms from the hay while I stuff hay nets for my horse.”

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Gillian Utesch

Custom Socks
“I am a fan of human to human marketing. And nothing says we’re more human, or alike, than feet!  Also, no need to worry with sizes, these socks fit almost everyone!”

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Brooks smiling and holding an electric guitar next to an Elvis diplsay.

Brooks Walker

Branded Custom Guitar
“Why give them something ordinary, when you can give something extraordinary?  I think this fully custom guitar is not only bada@%, but it gives your brand a unique edge that is hard to pull off with just about anything else.”

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Nikala Vizzari

Neoprene Bottle Suit
“I love the Bottle Suit! High-quality Neoprene reduces the rate a drink warms by up to 50%, keeping my beverage colder longer. It’s the perfect promo for outdoor activities!”

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