Aarica Burkholder spent the early parts of her life in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. She participated in just about every activity in school, from gymnastics to dance and sports of every season. After spending a year at Virginia Tech, she transferred to Old Dominion, where she was a member of Pi Beta Phi and gained life and professional experience by working multiple side-jobs. At one point, she even had an internship at Disney World, where she worked at the Sports Complex with the Atlanta Braves’ merchandising department.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Minor in Economics, Aarica worked in various positions across the globe. She managed a Coach Store on the island of St. Maarten before being deported for outdated papers, which totally wasn’t her fault (no, really!!!). She eventually came full-circle back to VA and because of life’s treadmill, began her career at Brand Fuel! (It is a funny story, you should ask her about it sometime!). Aarica, sometimes called Double A or AA, has been with Brand Fuel for over 12 years and works as a team with partner in crime, Kim Olson!  A.K.A. “the Dynamic Duo,” these ladies possess very different styles which complement each other, creating a very successful partnership!

Aarica is married to who she believes to be the coolest guy on the planet who, luckily, is also her soulmate – Jeff Burkholder! They are parents to their remarkable twins, Maevyn and Cooper! (They are biased, of course, but it has been confirmed by others that these twins are amazing!). While she doesn’t have a ton of extra time with rambunctious toddlers, some favorite activities include beaching, online shopping, pretending to be a DIYer around the house, crafting and drinking wine … while doing all of the above! And if she is lucky and her parents watch the twins so that road-tripping or traveling can be her go to activity!

Childhood photo of BrandFuel employee Aarica Burkholder.

Causes: PETA, ASPCA, CHKD, WHRO, Pi Beta Phi Literacy Fund (I support A LOT of things – so ask me for money and if you are convincing, you might get lucky!)

Favorite Sports Teams: Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Old Dominion Monarchs

Pet Peeves: People with Pet Peeves. (Why can’t we just all get along?)

Favorite Quote: “You never know until you try.” and I also love “The answer is always ‘no’ if you don’t ask.”

What you want to be when you grow up: Adventurous

Dinner Guest Choice: Diane Rehm

Skill no one else knows about: I like to be creative with cookies and cross-stitch!