Allison got her start in the promotional products industry in 2002, when she began working as a receptionist. From there, she assumed multiple roles, including positions in sales support, sales, accounting, online stores and warehousing, and management. She was hired to serve in a sales support role at Brand Fuel and, in five years, has climbed the ranks to her current status as general manager.

In addition to excelling at her work, Allison is happily married to husband, Mac, and is the devoted mother of two children, Peyton and Everett. In her spare time, McLain raises funds to support cancer research through a nonprofit organization she and her family founded. “My family and I began a charitable organization in 2007 called WINN The Fight. When my uncle, Karl Winn, lost his battle with cancer in September 2007, it was a call to action for us to do something to help others with this disease.” Through special events and corporate donations, the family raised the $250,000 needed to open a tissue bank in Karl’s hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. Every spring, the organization, together with the Greenville Health System, hosts a Dragonboat event to continue to fund cancer research and survivorship programs.

Causes: Winn the Fight, Epilepsy Foundation, Me Fine Foundation

Favorite Sports Team: Duke Basketball, Clemson Football

Pet Peeves: Improper Grammar, People who chew with their mouth open or speak with food in their mouth

Favorite Quote: Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Favorite Artist: Vincent van Gogh

Favorite Place to Travel: Bluffton, SC. Lots of wonderful childhood memories there. But, really, I like to travel to most anywhere.

My Superpower: I’ve been told my superpower is my even-keeled temperament but, if you ask my children, my superpower is really amazing cinnamon toast.

Favorite Condiment: Those who know me know I have a thing with condiments. The only condiment I think I’ll actually eat is BBQ sauce…unless I’m eating a hot dog and then I’ll eat mustard…but only on a hot dog.