Contact And Information


I was born in Marikina City, Philippines. I am the eldest in my family and got married at the age of 29 to a Graphic Artist. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing. I started in Customer Service in 2012 for an Automobile Brand in the U.S. where I processed vehicle reimbursements. I was then promoted to Service Marketing in 2017 to handle customer outreach and help schedule maintenance service. Amidst the pandemic, that program closed. As the saying goes “when one door closes, another opens.” My family started a business and opened a Milk-Tea Store in July 2020 which we managed together. In November 2020, I was hired to handle customer service for a financial services company where I also reviewed documents and assessed how much of a customer’s loan would be forgiven. These experiences taught me not only hard work, but to work with integrity and respect everyone in the workplace.

I love spending my time with my husband and our 4-year-old son. I am a homey person that sometimes like to travel. I love listening to music, singing, and cooking.

Pet Peeves:  Falling asleep while watching a movie.

Favorite Quote: Actions Speak Louder than Words.

Favorite Promotional Product and Why: Warmer Blanket; it makes me warm and comfortable.

Childhood Hero: My Super Dad!

Favorite Bands: Westlife and A1

Awards: Best in Rhyming (when I was in kindergarten)

What I want to be when I grow up: A Lawyer and Chef.

What I do when no one is looking: I enjoy cleaning up when no one is around.

Causes I Support: We help often through donation where the need is great.

Favorite Book: Harry Potter

Favorite Artist: My Hubby, he is a Graphic Artist.

Favorite Song: I enjoy all music genres.

Favorite Place to Travel: UK, Singapore and Boracay

My Superpower: Owl-eyes (since my son said I am Owlette) to analyze and do magic to mend his boo-boos.

Favorite Condiment: Ketchup and BBQ sauce

Dinner guest choice (dead or alive): My Lolo Albert and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Celebrity Crush: Jacob Elordi, Lee Jong-suk and Park Min-young