Hi, I’m Beth! I was born in Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers), but have lived in Raleigh, NC for most of my life. I am a graduate of NC State (Go Wolfpack) with a BA in Sociology and a Minor in Communications. I am basically an educated people person who loves to talk!

I have a diverse professional background that has resulted in a savvy skill set. I do not shy away from most challenges and I strive to leave things better than I found them. I am an empath and a perspective junkie; I want to find all 7 sides to the story and know what it feels like to live in each. I lead my life with integrity and expect the same from the company I represent, which is why I believe Brand Fuel is the perfect place for me to spend 40 hours a week.

The other hours of my week are spent being a mom to my budding jazz musician son Jonah, baking amazing sourdough bread or cooking a delicious meal for friends, working in my vegetable and herb garden, or tapping into the right side of my brain by upcycling textiles in my sewing room. I also love to travel and feel that is one of the best ways to gain perspective.

Causes You Support Note in the Pocket, Band Together, InterAct, Women’s Center, Healing Transitions

Favorite Quote “The only thing you can really control is how you react to things out of your control. “ – Bassam Terazi

Favorite Food French fries

Favorite Condiment Ketchup, to go with the French fries

What I want to be when I grow up Race car driver

Favorite Book Joy of Cooking

Favorite Artist The late, great Stevil Clark

Favorite Song Mayonnaise by Smashing Pumpkins

Favorite Place Traveled Florence, Italy

My Superpower Keen spatial awareness that allows me to see the bigger picture to navigate challenges and anticipate what’s needed by being adaptable without compromising my principles and values.

Your dinner guest choice I’m Italian, so everyone is welcome because there will be plenty of food!!!

Celebrity Crush Jared Leto (My So Called Life era)