“Did I want to be a promotional product distributor when I was little? Nope! And honestly, I’ve yet to find even one person who wrote this career choice on construction paper for their 4th Grade Career Day bulletin board. Yet, I can truthfully say: This is the best job in the world!

Every day is different. Its own expression of a volcano erupting. Epic, yet beautiful. I thrive on the symphonic collaboration of people working in varied time zones, in varied roles, all coming together to get ink on product delivered on time. It’s akin to threading a needle in the dark with a team you’ve often never met. And with the help of my award-winning team we do this successfully and with joy every. single. day.

Through my 15+ years at Brand Fuel, I’ve had many diverse opportunities to work with clients all over the world in developing creative and effective promotional product campaigns.  Ranging from employee/client incentives, client/employee appreciation, marketing/tradeshow efforts employee/ client recognition and simply putting their logo on cool shit.

My days ebb between interacting with vendors in sourcing cost effective, creative merchandise for my clients, domestically and overseas. Then flow to assist with Company’s trade, sponsorship, and charity relationships along with complimentary marketing tasks.”

Favorite Quote: “Not all those who wander are lost.”  J. R. R. Tolkien

Favorite promotional product: It’s not sexy. But its functional; everyone needs one, and everyone loses one, or ten on the daily.  Hands down, my favorite promotional product is a pen stylus.

Childhood Hero: When I was a child, my Hero was Miss Piggy. Her volatile diva personality, tendency to use French phrases in her speech, and practice of karate captivated me. Then there was her on-again/off-again relationship with Kermit the Frog. #goals

What I rock out to: Music fuels me. It’s never quiet in my home. I totally nerd out with Bluetooth and (now) Sonos Wi-Fi speakers. {{Oh yeahhh!}} I can groove my hips to any style of music and even appreciate the musical talents of 4th graders on recorders.  While there are some days when a girls’ just gotta put on some #gangsta rap and get shit done.

What I want to be when I grow up: When I was little, I wanted to be everything: Ballerina, President, work at the Crayola factory and name new colors. While every day I wake-up and are so thankful I stumbled into this crazy, energetic industry which allows me to stretch my brain and constantly push what is possible. I’m truly #livingthedream.

What I do when no one is looking: When no one is looking, I am a mixologist of different combinations for a Chardonnay in combination with ice cream. Doesn’t that sound like absolute bliss!? Just think about it.  How many times have you debated with yourself what would make your happier: wine or ice cream?! Recipe to follow.

Favorite Song: My favorite song is “When Daddy Let Me Drive” by Alan Jackson. I love anything that ‘goes’!

Favorite Place to Travel: On a scooter, surf board, Porsche through the Grand Canyon.  If only I could trade-in my legs for wings.  My care instructions clearly state, “Must add water.” Water makes me happy. Floating in water. Lounging by water.  Holding 88% water and 12% fermented grapes in my hand, even better.

My Superpower: Memory is both my Ghost and Superpower. I love that I can rapidly recall details and events from yesterday or years ago.  While I wish some memories would fade into the background and not float into my mind during the quiet margins of the day.

Celebrity Crush: George Clooney is definitely on my “hall pass” list.