I have lived in North Carolina most of my life and truly love it here. I spent a little time in Florida and Colorado during my college years but have always felt like Raleigh is my home. I graduated from NCSU and started working in the Financial Industry. A few years after college, I married my husband, Doug. We have two very active boys that I was fortunate enough to stay at home with until the youngest entered kindergarten. While at home, I enjoyed doing many neighborhood activities such as volunteering for swim team with my family. I was also elected to the Homeowners Board and selected as Treasurer in 2013. After being at home with the kids for 5 years, it was time to start working again. I was very lucky to find a place with a great company where I could grow and learn new things. We have recently had an addition to our family, adopting a sweet Lab Mix puppy. All of these things make for a very full, active life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Childhood photo of Holley Grintz.

Favorite Sports Team: NC State Wolfpack but I’m not a huge sports fan at all. The only games I really watch have my children in them.

Pet Peeves: Dirty dishes in the sink that are not soaking.

Favorite Quote “Never marry a man who’s butt is smaller than yours – You’ll always feel fat.” – My Mom

Childhood Hero: Wonder Woman.

What you want to be when you grow up: Retired.

Skill no one else knows about: I can rebuild a carburetor.

Music: I like just about anything except twangy country.