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Holly was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona! She studied Economics at Arizona State University where she co-founded a consumer product, DrainFunnel with her brother. She loves TikTok and still helps DrainFunnel with their socials from time to time! Holly also started working at a tech company out of college, where her role was very customer service and operations based. During this time, she moved to Hawaii and lived there for a year. She moved back to Arizona to pursue her passion for selling vintage sustainable clothes. You can find her selling at flea markets every weekend! Besides fashion, Holly loves music and playing guitar. She has also gotten into running lately and is attempting to run a 9 min mile (which is very hard for her OKAY; haha!).

Causes You Support: ACLU, AZ Husky Rescue
Favorite B Corps: Brand Fuel, of course! And Patagonia!
Pet Peeves: When my sister’s dog is sleeping with me and I move and he tries biting me. He is so mean when he’s tired.
Favorite Quote: “Our mental attitude is the x-factor that determines our fate”- Dale Carnegie
Favorite Promotional Product and Why: Yeti and knitted blankets! I love my branded Yeti from my last job. We received that and a blanket during our IPO and I still use both all the time. It’s also attached to an exciting memory for the company and my team, so it brings back good memories!
Childhood Hero: My mom! She still is.
Favorite Bands: Taylor Swift, Still Woozy, Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, Kacey Musgraves, The Strokes, Harry Styles, Sufjan Stevens, The Beatles, Jim Croce!
Awards: DrainFunnel Seed Funding ASU 2018 and 2019 (pitch competition)
Favorite Book: Into the Wild
Favorite Song: Any Taylor Swift song
Favorite Place to Travel: Maui and Ireland are my favorites so far!
My Superpower: Thrifting amazing vintage clothes/bags!
Your dinner guest choice (dead or alive): Audrey Hepburn
Celebrity Crush: Harry Styles