Jane was born and raised in Charlotte, and back in the day she attended the Church of Musical Awareness and the Milestone. Jane moved to Cary in 2000 with her husband and three children–nineteen years and 3 jobs later, she grabbed a seat on Brand Fuel’s rocket ship, buckled up, and hasn’t looked back. She is new to the universe of promotional marketing, and ready to earn her pilot’s license in awesome. Her background for the last 15 years has been jewelry–supplies, instruction, production, materials, and purchasing of it as well having her own jewelry company for a minute back in ’09. When she’s not at Brand Fuel, Jane is tending her many, many houseplants, hanging out with her family, knitting, making stuff, and watching The Craftsman. Clouds, the natural world, art, music, birds, outer space and pretty much everything in between are some of her favorite things. Jane is down to fly kites and play games at any time–especially backgammon–and there’s always a kite in her trunk.

Childhood photo of Jane Mormino.

Causes I Support: Rainforest U, SPLC, Dorcas Ministries, I’m currently a Patreon of “Crime Pays but Botany Doesn’t”

Pet Peeves: sugar on a countertop, walking through wet grass barefooted, subterfuge

Favorite Quote: “Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.” – Mark Twain

Childhood Hero: Mary Poppins (Adult Hero: Amelie)

Favorite Bands: The Beatles, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Tinariwen, Pink Floyd, The Band, Band of Gypsies, Van Morrison, Neil Young, Talking Heads, The Velvet Underground, The Cure, U2, Grateful Dead, Alpha Blondy, Shakey Graves, Bon Iver….I could keep going. I have a real love for world music and I especially admire and enjoy Gambian Sona Jobarteh and seeing Zakir Hussain play live.

What I want to be when I grow up: As amazing as my children

What I do when no one is looking: Talk to my plants

Favorite Books: “In Spite of Everything, Yes” by Ralph and Caroline Steiner, “Handmade Houses” by Art Boericke and Barry Shapiro, and any poetry by ee cummings or Anne Sexton

Favorite Artist (i.e. painter): Thomas Cole, Van Gogh, Artemisia Gentileschi, Salvadore Dali, Frida Kahlo, Jean Michel Basquiat

Favorite Song: “This Must Be the Place” — sing it with me now — “I come home, she lifted up her wings, I guess that this must be the place…”

Favorite Place to Travel: Zakynthos, Greece and Dominical, Costa Rica

My Superpower: My ability to remember dates

Favorite Condiment: Mae Ploy (sweet chili sauce)

Celebrity Crush: Ronan Farrow