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Katie is originally from a cute Vermont town but moved to the dry heat of Arizona after high school, where she graduated from college with a Marketing degree and an undying passion for Excel spreadsheets. She’s rarely not on the go and has traveled to 17 countries and lived abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark for 6 months. Katie has creativity flowing through her veins and is always doing something artsy: if you’re desperate to talk about cats, crafts, or VLookups, she’s your girl!  

Causes You Support: The Okra Project, La Gatarra Cat Café, ACLU

Hobbies: Oh here we go: soccer, singing, playing ukulele, baking, sewing (masks and scrunchies!), polymer clay earrings and miniatures, nail art, embroidery…I’m never bored! Check out singing and ukuleleing: “The Weather” By Lawrence.

Pet Peeves: My two cats, Heather and Richard, hate when they’re asleep and get woken up, when I’m 30 seconds late feeding them breakfast, when I’m not constantly petting them, when – oh wait, you weren’t asking about my pets’ peeves?

Favorite Quote: “You may not like him Minister…but you can’t deny, Dumbledore’s got STYLE.”

Favorite Artists: Taylor Swift, Lana del Rey, Mumford and Sons, Olivia Rodrigo, LAUV, Dua Lipa, A R I Z O N A

Awards: Honorable Mention in Bernie Sanders’ State of the Union Essay Contest (bottom rt of page 156 of the Congressional Record)

What I do when no one is looking: Re-watch National Treasure, you can just never get enough viewings

Favorite Book: Harry Potter, I’m a proud Hufflepuff

Favorite Song: [Insert Taylor Swift song here]

Favorite Place to Travel: Maui and Ireland are the best places I’ve been!

Favorite Condiment: Honey

Celebrity Crush: Emma Watson