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I am the glue that brings my family together! Also, one who challenges both sides of their brain.

From my siblings, I have been given a love for music and sense of fashion. The greatest gift of all would be the love for painting my brother and I shared that keeps us connected. When my brush soaks in the color it takes on a new form, a new look, just like myself when I become engaged in my work. The connection of brush to paint and paint to canvas is like a sweet release of all I have come to know. A new world becomes of the Earth where it is just me and the art.

My art creations (some of them) can be found here:

​But wait, that’s not all!

My kind of art also includes spreadsheets of hundreds of thousands of data in need of deciphering (said no one ever). The mystery behind the gobs of information leading to the “what” so I can get to the “why” makes me feel like The Sherlock Holmes of Analytics.

These quirky, abstract structures of art allowed me to become a part of the Brand Fuel team and apply my love for supply chain management, project development and customer service. I found my seat at the table!


Causes You Support:  Butterfly Village Inc., American Cancer Society

Pet Peeves: Colorfully Unorganized Pens (The rainbow is known as ROYGBIV for a reason)

Favorite Quote: “Nothing will work unless you do.”- Maya Angelou

Favorite Promotional Product and Why: NOTEBOOKS! Collect enough notebooks, hide them in your car, bookbags and house, I always have a specified location for my random thoughts and doodles. (Some of the best ideas started on napkins…at least in a notebook, I can keep up with it)

Childhood Hero: Mom and Dad (to this day)! They taught me how to be resourceful

What I want to be when I grow up: A Booked and Busy “Khali” Flower blooming with Iridescence

What I do when no one is looking: Scroll Pinterest looking for new hair dye colors, wrapped up in my king-sized crochet blanket

Favorite Book: The Alchemist

Favorite Artist (i.e. painter): Whitney Austin @whitney_austin (Based in Charlotte, NC)

Favorite Song: “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” -Whitney Houston (This song makes me sing to the top of my non-singing lungs!)

*Fun Fact: play this song and watch Khaliha’s ‘shoulder bounce’

Favorite Place to Travel: Anywhere there’s food

My Superpower: Finding a French Macaroon Shop no matter where I travel

Celebrity Crush I Would Take to Dinner: Jill Scott (my spirit animal)