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Originally from the North Carolina mountains, Lori joined Brand Fuel’s accounting team in 2007. She is married to her husband Martin and has 1 daughter. She has 2 rescue dogs. Piper a rat terrier mix and Bugle a beagle (no she’s not making this up. He came as a rescue with that name) who make things all better at the end of the work day. Her hobby is baking and spending time with the senior citizens at her church. She loves traveling and taking walks with her fur babies.

Childhood photo of Lori Little.

Causes: Saving Grace NC & American Cancer Society

Favorite Place to Travel: Alaska

Pet Peeves: Slow drivers in the left lane, complainers & people who smack gum

What do you want to be when you grow up: Event Planner and to work with senior citizens

Favorite Condiment: Ketchup