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Originally from the North Carolina mountains, Lori has been in the promotional products industry since 1997.  She joined Brand Fuel’s accounting department in 2007 and has worked her way up to Accounts Payable Manager.  She is also the Payroll/Benefit contact at Brand Fuel. She is happily married to her husband Martin.  She has a daughter and two rescue fur babies.  Her hobbies are baking, cooking for her mom & dad, spending time with family, supporting her daughter as a teacher and working with the senior citizens at her church.  She loves traveling especially to the mountains and taking walks with her fur babies.

Childhood photo of Lori Little.

Causes: Saving Grace NC & American Cancer Society

Favorite Place to Travel: Alaska.  Bucket List – Iceland to see the Northern Lights

Pet Peeves: People who don’t respect your bubble. Yes, I have bubble issues.

Childhood Hero: My dad. He has taken care of my mom through all of her medical issues and is doing it without complaining.

What do you want to be when you grow up: Working with senior citizens. You can learn so much from them. If you sit down with a senior citizen, you will see!

Favorite Condiment: Ketchup