Contact And Information


I was born and raised here in the Philippines. By the age of 19, I entered the customer care industry in which I have worked for several companies, including leading telco accounts in the US and as well as financial industry. Confidentiality and integrity are key characteristics, something important to me from the beginning. I’m enthusiastic and I’m always up for a challenge. I always see the positive in the world even if things got in bad shape –  I believe that everything happens for a reason.

I love music and I love singing! I also love being with the nature, especially the beach. Being on the seashore makes me calm and relaxed. There’s ton of beaches in the Philippines so I would really encourage you to come and visit.

Last and most importantly, I’m the mother of 5 kids! Yes, at a very young age I got pregnant and started working to provide the needs of my kids. My eldest are twins – a boy and a girl. Everything changed when I became a mom, but I do not regret a single part of this journey.

Favorite Sport: I’m not an athletic person but I really wanted to try tennis.

Pet Peeves: Unorganized desk and turning without signaling (for drivers).

Favorite Quote: “Sometimes, you will never know the VALUE of a moment, until it becomes a MEMORY.”

Favorite Promotional Product and Why: Calendar. Also, I love the old school way of taking notes, so I always use a pen.

Childhood Hero: Pink Power Ranger

Favorite Bands: Fall Out Boys, Panic at the Disco

Awards: “Most Talkative” (during Elementary school)

What I want to be when I grow up : Secret Agent =)

What I do when no one is looking:  I sing in the shower at the top of my lungs.

Favorite Book: Thirst

Favorite Song: I’m a belieber. I love Justin Bieber songs!

Favorite Place to Travel: I dream of going to Japan, Iceland, and Switzerland

My Superpower: Cooking, Mommy things

Favorite Condiment: I love Pepper

Your dinner guest choice: My Grandparents

Celebrity Crush: Leonardo DiCaprio