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I began my career working with a local screen printer where I learned just exactly how much work goes into a printed t-shirt and started dabbling in the world of promo there. Fast forward over a decade and I’m all about promo and using the expertise I’ve gained over the years to deliver the best products and service to my team and clients.

Causes I Support: I support Safe Haven for Cats, a local Raleigh cat shelter that offers a trap and release program and discounted spay/neuter services for low-income families. Also, in my own time, several times a year, I spread love by preparing meals and passing them out with my family along with other necessities to our unhoused community which seems to be growing in numbers every day.

 Favorite Sports Team: I can’t remember the last time I watched anything sports ball-related! I’d rather be crafting.

 Pet Peeves: Whistlers and people that call when it could have been a text. Need I say more?

 Favorite Quote: “A wise girl knows her limits. A smart girl knows she has none.” -Marilyn Monroe

 Favorite Promotional Product and Why: I love, love, love a journal. Seems pretty simple, but I’m talking about the nice, big strong spiral bound journal with a hard cover. As someone that has 11 browser windows with 13 tabs each open in my brain at all times, a nice journal will always get used from the first to the last page and the many ways it can be customized makes each one unique. The possibilities are endless!

 Childhood Hero: Wonder Woman: Seeing a badass Amazonian woman fighting crime as a young girl was inspiring to say the least, and it helps that she looks like she could be one of my family members. WW along with She-Ra and Gem and the Holograms paved the way for me to be the bad ass, rebellious, powerful woman I am today and battling the chaos in the world with glitter fingernails and a cute outfit.

 Favorite Band:  As a teenager in the 90’s, Red Hot Chili Peppers won this title. “Give It Away” was one of my favorite videos on MTV and I still love their music.

 Awards: None to note (yet!!)

 What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: Baddie Winkle, IG’s baddest senior citizen.

 What I do when no one is looking: Same thing I do when people ARE looking, living my life unapologetically! And maybe have full on conversations with my animals, but video or it didn’t happen 😉

 Favorite Artist: Andy Warhol and Pop Art: using non-traditional art techniques and a focus on popular culture is “me.”

Favorite Song: “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts has been my favorite song since I was born, I believe! Of course, I used to pronounce it “I Love Rocky Road,” but I sang those words with passion, and everyone knew what I meant.

Favorite Place to Travel: The Caribbean. Just dipping my toes in the crystal-clear blue water and soaking up the sunshine is all I need to recharge.

My Superpower: Empathy. I’m kind to everyone and I understand other’s point of view even if I don’t agree. Both are qualities I’m proud to possess and the world needs more of.

 Favorite Condiment: Ranch dressing, the homemade kind. It can literally go on anything and believe me, I’ve tried.

 My Dinner Guest Choice: Dinner would need to be a 12-course menu with Martha Stewart. She is the epitome of what I strive to be because of her creativity, numerous businesses built from that creativity and seamlessly switching lanes when faced with adversity, all while remaining relevant. Plus, working with Uncle Snoop would be my dream day at the office. How do you do it all, Martha???

Celebrity Crush: Jason Momoa. I know, get in line, right?