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As a kid, Sarah-Marie collected bugs while wearing the “twirliest” dresses she could find, built “snow”men in December with Georgia red clay, was a theater kid in every sense, never met a stranger, and always asked “why?”. Today, you can find her having deep conversations about life with her daughter, tent camping at the lake, painting landscapes, needlepointing, or any other random craft she comes up with…and she still asks “why?” to the important questions in life.


Sarah-Marie unknowingly started in the “Promo world” in high school designing all her club t-shirts and banners, and then gifts, tshirts, and appliquéd & monogrammed everything for her Delta Phi Epsilon sorority sisters. Jumping into the industry as a sales executive was meant to be soon after that! She quickly was enthralled with all things “Programs” and how innovative, strategic, technical, and creative programs require her to be. She dove head-first into gaining knowledge and experience building and growing e-commerce merchandise programs for Fortune 500 companies, International companies, name brands, and incredible Non-Profits. For nearly a decade, Sarah-Marie has been developing and managing programs valued in the Millions with a mix of creativity, innovation, and her strict compliance-driven processes. She loves the constant challenge of supporting our clients’ growth by providing ever-evolving technology and user experience improvements, and the very best creative and purposeful merchandise. You’ll often catch her strategizing solutions for our clients’ challenges long before they’re ever a problem, usually with her cat Dolly Purton on her lap!



Causes You Support: The Drake HouseGirl Scouts of America

Favorite B Corp(s): 

King Arthur Baking Company-their Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour is always stocked in my kitchen for when a last minute bundt cake is needed.

Uncommon Goods- one of my favorite online shops for unique gifts for my loved ones, and trendy inspiration for client projects.

REI Co-op: my favorite spot for hiking, camping, and climbing gear. I especially love shopping the REI Re/Supply for reliable used gear.

Favorite Sports Team: I’ve been known to call half-time, “intermission” and uniforms, “costumes” so I couldn’t tell you much about most sports. I do love baseball though, and have always rooted for my Atlanta Braves!

Pet Peeves: Dishonesty, when my socks don’t feel the same on both feet, and poor table etiquette.

Favorite Promotional Product and Why: A unique Custom Cap. Caps are always “in”, and can be as trendy, classic, or nostalgic as you want. Custom features are nearly limitless with the right creativity! Unisex, no sizing issues, easy to ship, and who doesn’t love a great hat?

Childhood Hero: Jane Goodall. ‘Jane Goodall was the first person to observe chimpanzees creating and using tools—a trait that, at that time, was thought to be distinctly human. This discovery changed the way that we understand both animals and ourselves.’

Favorite Music: Dolly Parton, & 90’s country in general (other than Brad Paisley)

Awards: Pizza Hut “Book It! Summer Reading” personal pan pizza recipient, 1999- Thanks to Barbara Park and her “Junie B. Jones” books.

What I want to be when I grow up: Someone my daughter trusts.

What I do when no one is looking: Journal, paint, and talk to my kitties Dolly Purton and Honey.

My purpose in life: People and relationships. I’m a “connector”, and there is nothing more rewarding than introducing people who end up becoming close and meaningful to each other.

Favorite Book: Herding Tigers: Be the Leader That Creative People Need  by Todd Henry

Favorite ArtistClaude Monet. I get lost in all of his work.

Favorite Song: “Wide Open Spaces” The Chicks

Favorite Place to Travel: Our family camping spot in the Georgia mountains.

My Superpower: Untying knots, and innovative solutions to challenging projects.

Favorite Condiment: Duke’s Real Mayonnaise- a BLT just isn’t right without Duke’s.

Your dinner guest choice (dead or alive): Any of my ancestors that we don’t know much about.