Contact And Information


Hello! I’m Tricia. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in international Travel and Tourism Management. My first job was with KLM and Air France then, during the pandemic, I worked for an E-commerce company called Thrasio before joining Brand Fuel.

I love visiting new places around the Philippines and other Asian countries, but my dream is to go on a European tour. I’m very interested in history so seeing old structures from different places fascinates me. On weekends, I usually just go to the mall or watch Netflix series.

Causes You Support: Philippine Cancer Society

Favorite B Corp: Brand Fuel !!

Favorite Sport: Badminton

Pet Peeves: People who cut you in line and drivers who don’t use their turn signal

Favorite Quote: Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. -Margaret Mead

Childhood Hero: My parents

Favorite Bands: Bee Gees, Maroon 5

What I do when no one is looking: Get rid of my stress by crying, singing or doing nothing! Sometimes, just spacing out lol.

Favorite Song: Until I Found You – Stephen Sanchez

Favorite Place to Travel: Europe!

My Superpower: Sensitivity to others

Favorite Condiment: Soy sauce/fish sauce with calamansi

Your dinner guest choice (dead or alive): Queen Elizabeth II

Celebrity Crush: V and Jungkook (BTS <3)