Street artists around the world are condemning Russia’s attack. As artists, they have a canvas for speaking out and influencing others as well as a moral obligation to act against injustice. (We all do.) These amazing artists took their peaceful weapons to the streets and sprayed walls with stunning, yet heart-wrenching murals in support of Ukraine. They are powerful examples that, although silent, they are louder than bombs.

Here are some of our favorites:

Thank you, Bored Panda for the inspo!

ps. We are doing more than just blogging about thought-provoking art during wartime. We have made a contribution to support our international partnership with IPPAG through The Ukrainian Relief Fund. As well, we are helping orchestrate a $25,000 tshirt fundraising campaign through PromoCares. Last, we love what ASI is up to with their matching fund in support of The Red Cross. Please do whatever you can to defend freedom and democracy. If not now, when?”