After 23 years of working in a Research Triangle office park, our NC office is taking a BIG leap of faith to move 11.8 miles away to The Glenwood South District in downtown Raleigh. And our goosebumps could not stand any taller.  

Zigging while they’re zagging.

While many companies are shrinking office footprints, we are assuming some risk and doubling down. We are moving where we hope employees want to come to work. Where clients want to tour our showrooms, collaborate and perhaps even grab an adult beverage at the Beer Garden with the world’s largest draft selection, 2 mere blocks away. Where we will host social and educational events with that Brand Fuel irreverence you’ve come to enjoy. Where the energy of downtown Raleigh draws us in and brings us together.

We are bullish on our business, our talented Fuelians, and our industry’s focus on delighting, thanking, recognizing, attracting and engaging clients, prospects and employees through sustainable, utilitarian and meaningful branded merchandise. [Whew! What a mouthful.] We are also bullish on growing the many trusting and supportive relationships we have built over the past 23 years! You know who you are! THANK YOU.

The decision to move is a question of how we will work as much as it is where we will work.

Our team will continue to have work flexibility based on mutual trust and a promise to take care of our clients, whether in our new downtown office or on the back deck while in “leisure suits.” Our intent? To create a productive, playful (a core value of ours is fun) and creative space where we can progress personal relationships and get to better understand and fuel your brand!

There are some things we will miss:

Our muse is in downtown Raleigh.

Raleigh beckoned and we finally responded. We are motivated by the thought of going where the innovation is but also, at the idea of being a part of it. We look forward to being involved and invested in Raleigh proper.


Please stop by and visit our showroom, the one with The World’s Only Swag Lottery Machine. And yes, we have ample parking, but you can also walk, bike or skip with ease if you’re downtown.

Notes and thank yous:

In closing … Downtown Raleigh Alliance, let’s do this. Ashton Mae Smith, we look forward to hopefully earning a slot in your Raleigh, over easy weekly publication. Table Raleigh, you will assuredly have a slew of new volunteers. Citrix Cycle and Lime Scooters, we hope you have volume discounts. C Grace Jazz Club, Raleigh Beer Garden (with your largest draft selection in the world), First Friday, Clockwork (the original name of our company), giddy up.

Big moments (and BOLD decisions) like this don’t come around often. We hope you will help us realize a shared future built on creative merchandising, community, collaboration and fun in a great new space!

Your friends,

– The Brand Fuelians