I saw this one coming a mile away! The Stanley Adventure Quencher 40 oz Tumbler, aka “The Quencher” is the hottest tumbler in our industry this year. This massive stainless-steel tumbler that’s been all over my TikTok FYP for months has been selling out internationally in Target stores within hours of restocking the shelves. Good news, though, we’ve now got it! And – we can brand it with your logo, design, or call to action. The announcement came in Q422 that we’d be able to offer the authentic (and still highly sought-after) Adventure Quenchers. My initial thought was OH-EMM-GEE. IT’S HAPPENING, GUYS!!

But just like that, they were all gone. 🙁 Stock was absolutely depleted in less than a week of the announcement and had yet to return. I had big plans for this beauty and was ready to promote the absolute sh*t out of it. I mean, only the best for our most fabulous, snazziest, on-trend clients (that’s you!).

Am I shocked? No, not at all. Am I upset about it? Absolutely not. Such is the current state of the world, and our valued hard-working factories are always at the mercy of the retail brands’ stock availability and manufacturing capabilities. We all (hopefully) have the elasticity of forgiveness when it comes to supply chain issues and post-Covid compassion for our fellow man (and woman). #itiswhatitis The future is bright, however, and although I can’t say this for certain so don’t hold me to it, a little birdie told me that (eventually) we may be able to source the new release, a Stanley 2.0. How soon? TBD.

What exactly does Stanley 2.0 mean?

I didn’t know either. I had to Google it to find out and Today has a great article summarizing the current Stanley to the Stanley 2.0 and what we can expect for the future of “The Quenchers.” To save you a click, other than being called the NEW NEW NEW Quencher H2.0 FlowState™ Tumbler, the brand has seemingly taken everything that users love about the original (the large size, temperature-keeping design, and chic colors) and added some updates, including a new 90 percent recycled stainless steel construction (Yay!) and an ergonomic handle with comfort-grip inserts… and a silicone seal around its straw base that is designed to help prevent spills (that is they mean by “Flowstate”, apparently)… and 9 color options”*. Not sure how many of the 9 colors will make their way to the brandable merch world (and considering there are 14 colors currently shown, see below!), but I’m on the edge of my friggin’ seat and it’s up in the air about the actual dates we can expect it all to happen. Again, TBD.

Of the 14 colors on the Stanley1912 website for the Flowstate H2.0 tumbler, which one is your favorite? We’ll pass your feedback on to our factory partners and account management team. Never hurts to give an unsolicited opinion & they may offer to do a special order if the quantity is right!

Anywaysss… after the roller coaster of emotions we’ve felt thus far, I understand that not every client has the budget for a $65 tumbler. I think that as long as we can get close enough to the overall look and feel of the authentic Stanley, we may be able to bypass the name brand.

Schmanleys to the M’in-F’in rescue!

Some of our other factory partners have been working hard on designing a tumbler to fill Stanley’s empty shoes for a fraction of the cost (aka the “C”). We attended our industry trade show in Vegas in January and got to see these quality tumblers firsthand.

Here are a few of the Schmanleys that we spotted at the show:

HydraPeak Reuse Intrepid The Hippo

While all of the tumblers I plop in the “Schmanleys” category can’t technically be referred to as knockoffs or dupes because they are retail brands in their own right like RTIC, HydraPeak and Asobu, but for simplicity’s sake if it looks like a Stanley but isn’t a Stanley, we’ll just call it a “Schmanley.”

Putting my self-proclaimed “Promo Snob” title off to the side for a moment, I can honestly say that just because the true Schmanleys will be offered at a lower price point doesn’t necessarily mean they will skimp on the bells and whistles and not be a quality drinkware piece on their own. Well, maybe some of them will, but we will do our own due diligence and research, sample, and product test on your behalf. And, of course, we can send you a sample. We always keep pricing, product descriptions and factory creds in mind when sourcing the Schmanleys for you and again, when in doubt… We’ll schmamples those Schmanleys to ensure your recipients will be overjoyed!

Renee in all of her Stanley Schmanley glory.

Take a peek at my Brand Fuel presentation here with the current state of Stanleys & Schmanleys available to you and let us know if we can put a little more fuel in your brand (and mug)!

– Renee Holmes, Sales Coordinator