It has been a privilege to put our client’s logos, messages, calls to action and designs on products for almost 25 years. And there is one product that remains our favorite. The humble t-shirt. 

The T-shirt is….

From James Dean to Lebron. Marlon Brando to Pedro, here’s a photo album tribute to you, T-shirt!

THE T-SHIRT IS… A temporary tattoo. An artist’s canvas. A perambulating poster. It’s universal weekend wear. Something to throw on but never throw away. A souvenir. A gift. A conviction. A tuxedo of the trendy. A walking billboard. A boast. A wearable statement and a wardrobe staple. Something to wear the day before and the day after. Something for the person behind you to look at. Something you can (typically) wear in front of your mother. Ritual for sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, teammates and plumbers. It’s a kickball uniform. A cleaning outfit. If the design sucks, a dust rag. A cultural icon. A validation. Threads for the barhopping, beer-chugging, shot slamming Sunday afternoon couch potato. It’s an undershirt. An overshirt. A nightie. A hand-me-down. A fashion statement. A meme. One of 1000 guaranteed fifth prizes. Proof that you did something last weekend. A way to support your favorite band. A story and a connection point.