Rebranded NC State laptop cases and shirts.

Got old branded apparel that needs a refresh? UPCYCLE it!

Our friends at Reborn Clothing Co. are helping us repurpose your dated company-branded clothing into stellar new branded gear. Have a box of vintage t-shirts, polos or hoodies in your marketing closet that no one wants? We will reimagine and repurpose them into new gear!

Bring LIFE Back Into Vintage Apparel

Watch this video for a behind-the-scenes look at how our partners, Reborn Clothing Co., will bring those nostalgic shirts to life again, perhaps in a new form such as can coolers, bags, laptop cases, travel cord cases, dop kits and more!

We believe we must move from WHERE we produce, WHAT we produce, HOW we produce and WHO produces to an additional concern: WHY we produce? By making BETTER product choices and improving our supply chain, we will create a more Sustainable Promotional Products Industry.

Interested in learning more about upcycling your old branded apparel?

Getting Started is Easy

All you need is branded apparel and an interest in sustainability, creative upcycling and the belief in magic!

thinker bf tee

Step 1

Pull together an inventory list of your vintage logoed apparel that's just gathering dust and taking up space.

Before placing an order, consider your goals, your story (we will add a story tag) and the timing of when you need your order fulfilled.

An old Brand Fuel logo getting ready to be repurposed.

Step 2

Select fun, new upcycled products you want the old, nostalgic stuff to become. Consider bags, can coolers, laptop cases, travel cord cases, dop kits and more!

Seeing is believing! We will ensure you will see what your old apparel will become — before it is produced!

The old Brand Fuel logo being reused on a black bag.

Step 3

Brand Fuel will work directly with the Reborn team to give your old items a second life and a new story!


Request a Sample

Seeing is believing! We'll talk about your goals and share a sample of what your old apparel will become — before it's even produced.

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