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Brand Fuel’s Waffle House Halloween Tradition

Halloween at Brand Fuel. It’s one of Brand Fuel’s grandest traditions: Every Halloween, Fuelers don their most creative costumes and head to the Waffle House for lunch, where the wait staff selects a winner for most original costume.

A Brand Marketing Story: Cupcake Kismet

This is what happens when the power of spontaneity intersects with making memorable brand moments. Humanize your brand by being in touch with your fans. Because that is often the best way to build a brand. Humanizing a brand can be better than any form of traditional advertising or marketing. And it is a heck of a lot less expensive and fun! Here’s to Johnny Cupcakes and living up to his brand’s promise. And to Tee Hamilton for capturing the spontaneity at The Triangle American Marketing Association’s High Five Conference!

Brand Fuel Partnership Bloopers: Rosin & Fiveash

Co-owners of Brand Fuel Promotions, Danny Rosin and Robert Fiveash hilariously attempt an impromptu video about the functionality of Brand Fuel’s new online corporate storefront. After 25 Years of friendship, now mixed with the business of Brand Fuel, it’s still FUN.

Best Splash Dance Ice Bucket Challenge

In 1983, Jennifer Beals etched an exotic dance in our minds in the movie FLASHDANCE. In 2014, Brand Fuel accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in this hilarious spoof. Be Creative. Be Brave. Don’t be a slacktivist. Be an activist:

Stop Throwing Away Your Marketing Dollars!

Stop throwing away your company’s marketing money! Don’t buy thoughtless trinkets and trash that end up in trashcans or get left behind for the hotel room staff. Let Brand Fuel help you with the right branded giveaway that will deliver the call to action you want.

Brand Fuel’s Robert Fiveash (parody)

In the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, it is easy to lose sight of what is important. At Brand Fuel, we harness and channel work chaos and turn it into productivity complimented with general merriment. And it starts at the top and filters down. Enter Robert Fiveash, co-owner. Cavalcade of calmness. Purveyor of peace. Testament of tranquility. Employer to the people.

22 Push-Ups for A Cause – Brand Fuel NC #22Kill

We don’t always work out, but when we do, it’s for a good cause. Our NC team does 22 push-ups to “fuel” awareness around 22 veteran suicides that tragically occur every day. We support our troops and so should you. More information about the cause:

High Velocity Breakdancing Brand Fuelians

Here’s to having a little fun with your brand. This high velocity Brand Fuel original dance video likely should’ve been cut 45 seconds sooner, but we just couldn’t stop taping. That’s our rocket t-shirt representing. And while the original was set to a The Beastie Boys, “Sure Shot,” you’ll just have to imagine that because the music licensing cops caught us. Like it should be because we support the music. Because we can’t, we won’t, we don’t stop. That’s us.

Agency Services

We Believe.

At Brand Fuel, we believe in combining creativity with commitment.

We believe useful giveaways with your logo will have long lasting impact…and that on the desk, is far better than in the desk.

We are blushing with pride in our relationships with some of the best businesses and people on the face of the planet, THANK YOU for trusting us with your brand. For believing in us.

Brand Fuel DNA

We asked Brand Fuel’s clients, friends and partners what they thought was in our DNA (other than Pop Rocks). And here is what they had to say.

Brand Fuel is: Passionate, Knowledgeable, Different , Connected, Fun, Understanding, Reliable, Imaginative, Committed, Dedicated.

How to Make Your Brand Memorable: Event eXperiences from Brand Fuel!

Stop giving away cheap stress relievers in funny shapes. Start delivering eXperiences your clients, prospects, and employees will never forget.

Find out more about unforgettable eXperiences and contact us to get started!

How Do You Get Qualified Sales Leads? With Virtual SWAG!

Brand Fuel’s Virtual SWAG program will help your company get qualified event/tradeshow leads in your sales pipeline and close more business as well as budget properly. Virtual SWAG will also help keep your company’s event giveaways out of the trashcan!

Find out more:

Custom Presentation Fuel Kits

It’s totally customizable, totally branded, and will be your organization’s most effective calling card or leave-behind.

Brand Fuel will help you create a sophisticated and functional presentation kit for your business needs. Use it for marketing, human resources, business development or as a donor thank you kit.

Find out more:

Rocking Company Online Stores.

When you need your online store to rock, give the company who created one of the first eCommerce storefronts for branded gear a shout! For marketers, sales teams, HR, fundraising and even direct to consumer selling.

Find out more:

SurveyFuel: IMPROVE SURVEYS through branded rewards.

Companies lose 20% of their customers every year and don’t know why! How do you fight this flight? With Brand Fuel’s SurveyFuel Program. SurveyFuel can incentivize respondents to provide feedback before things get ugly. PLUS, SurveyFuel is effective at increasing response rates, thanking customers, and getting your brand in front of the right people for a long time to come!

Find out more:


Promotional Product Testing (Brand Fuel parody) with Stuntman

At Brand Fuel, we recognize that product safety and quality control are imperative in the promotional products industry. So, we administer testing in-house. We also have a little fun along the way. Check us out: *Disclaimer: We’re trained professionals. Please do not attempt stunts like these with the average promotional products company.

Can Evel Jump It? Evel Knievel Dares to Jump Brand Fuel’s Power Bank AC Adaptor

Evel Knievel never backed down from a challenge. Now he’s jumping the latest and greatest tech gadgets in the world of promotional products!

Will he make it over Brand Fuel’s Zoom Power Anode power bank with AC adapter? About this item: Unplug with a full charge and the Anode will act as a power device for your smart phone or tablet with 2,600 mAh at an output speed of 1 Amp. Email us at for more info!

What Are The Coolest Giveaways / Promotional Products!? Watch and Find Out!

Hang out with rabble-rousers, Gillian and Danny as they showcase the coolest giveaways on the market! It’s like QVC turned into Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. If you like what you see, please let us know how we can put a little fuel into your brand.

Contact us for more information:

LiveStreaming and Summering with the Latest Giveaways

Join Gillian and our secret guest (aka Robert Fiveash, co-owner of Brand Fuel) as we show you how to “summer” with the best promotional products to help you with your marketing, sales and human resources opportunities! for more info.

Joe Meets Julie – A QR Code Connection

Clueless and curious about QR Codes? Meet Joe, a fitness enthusiast out on his daily jog. He runs by and catches the eye of Julie and her effervescent smile. Their eyes lock and they share a moment. Joe sees a beguiling symbol on her back. Joe wonders what it is. (It is a QR code Joe!)

Contact us for more information:

Brand Fuel’s LogoLoop: A clever endless folding card with a unique advertising effect.

Brand Fuel’s “hypnotic” logoloop® is far more effective than conventional mailings, flyers, and printed ads. The fact that it is fun to play with makes people actually want to handle logoloop®. Its wonderful workings are as baffling as they are captivating, a real attention-grabber.

Contact us for more information:

How to Build a Marketing Mailer (Fuel Kit)

You asked. We answered. Danny Rosin, Co-owner of Brand Fuel, talks about what’s in the “special sauce” for Brand Fuel’s anniversary marketing mailer. Get some. Fuel Kits. For your business:

Our Customer Service and Creative Depts. are here to help you put together your next marketing package:

Events & eXperiences

Kindness Container Event Experience

We all agree that the world needs more kindness and we think companies can and should be a part of helping make that happen. The Kindness Container eXperience will help you attract a crowd of attendees, increase event leads as well as social media engagement PLUS help align your business as a force for good.

Birthday Theme: Brand Fuel Rocket Day 10 Year Anniversary

Brand Fuel hit the 10 Year old high note and used a wacky birthday theme for our self-promo marketing event, Rocket Day. Some celebrate their anniversaries with a champagne toast; we opted for Jell-O shots in our corporate colors for our 10th. While others might be inclined to sing the tired “Happy Birthday” song, we opted for the Caribbean sounds of the steel drum. Pin the flame on the rocket game, check. Give away free stuff, check. Great supplier partners, check. Rocket Day client appreciation antics, check.

World’s Only SWAG Lottery Machine

This magical machine combines the anticipatory excitement of a slot machine, the thrill of a carnival game, and the absurdity of a “Let’s Make a Deal” door surprise.

The Test of Bravery Tradeshow Experience

Watch as tradeshow attendees let Brand Fuel have fun at their expense at our TEST of BRAVERY WALL …with handcuffs, shots of jalapeno soda and shocking slap bracelets! Everyone walks away with unique branded giveaways and a memorable brand experience. Interested in branded merchandise or renting/purchasing a Bravery Test for your next event?

Cool Event Experience: Keep Them Curious!

It’s not just about the giveaway at an event, it’s about the experience! Introducing “The Test of Bravery” from Brand Fuel. We’ll help you keep your clients, prospects and employees CURIOUS at your next event. More eXperience options:

Drum Team Collective!

Looking to Motivate Your Team? Join us for Rock and Roll Team Building! We will put your team members in the driver’s seat of a rock show!

This eXperience is a refreshing way to build unity and leadership for your corporate team, organization, or private event. A 90-minute indoor program will allow your group to experience the exhilarating feeling of drumming with an actual LIVE rock and roll band, while promoting communication and team bonding!