Virtual Swag Results

When Danny Rosin first explained Brand Fuel’s Virtual Swag concept, I was immediately drawn into the unique customer experience. I have been both a booth operator and attendee of several trade shows and expos. It can be a pain to lug around tons of pens, stress balls, bottle openers, koozies, and other trinkets at shows. I also understand how ineffective branding can be when a company’s brand isn’t placed on the right items that customers actually want. Have you ever looked at a branded stress ball and thought “Oh, I need to call these guys”? That’s why I love what Danny, Robert, and the Brand Fuel team stand for. Brand Fuel isn’t your average “promotional products” company looking to sell you a branded product that’ll end up in the trash can.

My company, FanBase, was approached to help them tell the “Virtual Swag” story. We knew we had to convey the pain points of the average promotional product experience, and how Brand Fuel was solving these in a big way. Video production is one of the most powerful ways you can tell a story. It’s visually engaging, interesting and can relay a ton of information in a short amount of time.

FanBase starts the process with a storyboard session for each video we produce. We met with Brand Fuel to discuss specific visuals and audio the video needed to include.

As a result of that meeting we knew we needed to stage a complete tradeshow to drive home the right visuals, a challenge we were up to accept. Skyline Exhibits, a Brand Fuel partner, graciously let us use their showroom. Now that we had our location, we roped in Brand Fuel’s employees to fill the room as if they were at the trade show and turned the cameras on.

The Virtual Swag program by Brand Fuel is a unique concept in which the consumer must be completely educated to fully understand its value. To accomplish this, we used animation in the video to better help tell the complete story. Animation can move a lot quicker than real footage thus allowing us to pack more information into a shorter amount of time.

In the end, this video was a really fun project for all of us to work on, and we are excited to see all of the ways it will help Brand Fuel showcase their new Virtual Swag service to their clients and prospects.

– Will Hardison, FanBase CEO, Guest Blogger

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