If you survey bartenders and servers, they will agree that there are as many beverages as there are personalities, and your drink of choice can say a lot about you and your personality. A “go-to drink” can say just as much about you as the outfit you choose to wear.

So, with a wink and smile, here are my observations from my 15+ years in the hospitality industry. I have done tour of duties in college pubs, sports bars, wine bars, tap rooms, a southern kitchen (working the after-church all-you-can-eat buffet brunch shift), and a family-owned Italian restaurant. Trust me…I have stories…. I invite you to pull up a barstool, order a cocktail and sit with me.

Me, pictured with white wine, however I have been known to enjoy a nice glass of red as well! I may or may not be a spot on personality trait wine drinker as stated below. (Wink!)

Wine Drinkers

My two-year stint bartending and serving in a small, hip, trendy wine bar has led me to make the following observations about wine drinkers. Generally, they love to gossip, and this lively bunch tend to be fearless, confident, and direct. Expect this group to add spice to the conversation and ask all sorts of questions. Wine drinkers can be put into two categories: White Wine Drinkers and Red Wine Drinkers and there are slight differences in personality and behavior between the two types certainly worth mentioning.  

White wine drinkers are curious, sarcastic and perfectionists. They are the overworked moms coming from their Zumba class who need to vent and unwind. White wine drinkers are the talkative social butterflies. Ever see a white wine drinker sitting alone? It just doesn’t happen.

Now red wine drinkers are a confident bunch and don’t feel the need to change for anyone. They are the “snobs”. They need to drink their wine out of the perfect large wine glass specifically made for red wine. This group has undoubtedly been around the block in the vino world, and they prefer quality above all else. They often can be found swirling the wine, sticking their nose in their glass, and telling you about the amusing bouquet and taste notes (“this rich ruby opulent delight is packed with mouthwatering sumptuousness with hints of bramble, boysenberry, and gooseberries with an earthy rich bold body and a hint of dark chocolate.”) Read this for some ridiculous wine descriptors for enjoyment or to memorize and impress your friends.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Rose’ and Moscato individuals, who are their own separate but distinct group. They are often new to the wine game and feel as if red wine burns their taste buds and stains their teeth and that white wine is a ‘lil too sharp or dry for them, but they want a place at the table with the “cool wine drinker kids.” They are the wine drinkers who clearly still have their training wheels.


Let’s talk about the vodka drinkers, shall we? They like to set trends and love being part of the action. It is difficult to put them in a distinct category because of how commonly this alcohol is consumed in many variations. The “v” in vodka also stands for versatility. When it comes to vodka, it is less about what your favorite alcohol says about you and more about your preferred cocktail that makes the real statement.


Where are my margarita drinkers at? You enjoy your individuality and a good party. You love to dance and are very social and like making new friends. You’re the wild and carefree adventure lovers. Let’s face it, nothing says “let’s party” like a margarita. Which naturally takes us to the tequila drinkers. You, the tequila shooters, have nothing but my utmost respect. The tequila drinkers are incredibly comfortable in their own skin and the word “embarrassment” (ever see some tequila induced dance moves?) is barely even in their vocabulary.

Your favorite cocktail always tastes smoother in branded barware!

Gin and Tonic

Gin and tonic drinkers are simply sophisticated, intellectual, and most likely the “cool member” of the friendship group. They are the more subdued group on a night out and more likely to hang out with the whiskey drinkers than the tequila folks.


Whiskey lovers? They are complex and methodical. It seems like people who hate whiskey think those who drink it do so to make some type of masculine, entitled statement. Mad respect to those of you who drink it straight up.


If a classic gin martini is how you roll, (shaken or stirred), you believe in traditional ideas, you’re mysterious, clever, and know how to get attention. Gin martini drinkers tend to not like it when people order dirty martinis with vodka, as it upsets their traditional ideas of how things should be. What can I say? I am a rebel. I like my vodka martinis dry, dirty, with extra olives. (Okay, maybe the extra olives because I am a little hungry.) And I like the look and feel of a martini glass. It’s elegant. I feel classy…like a dame in a black and white movie.

Craft Beer

And shout out to you craft beer drinkers! You are the new “wine snobs” who are all about the little details. There’s a good chance we’d find you sticking around the bar for a while very eager to tell everyone who will listen all the processes involved in brewing the beer you’re currently sipping on, while wiping the froth from your hipster moustache.

My Satirical Thoughtful Conclusion

None of what I said here really matters or shouldn’t be taken too seriously. What your favorite alcohol says about you means nothing; you control the person you are, not your choice of beverage. So, the next time you order a drink, don’t worry about perhaps being looked down upon or what message you might be sending. Chances are the only real person judging you is the bartender, but they judge everyone, so who cares? (Smile)

Be Your Own Bartender

If a night on the town isn’t on your agenda and would just prefer a nice quiet evening sipping cocktails at home, or you are feeling the need to flex your awesome personality by way of a big dose of “liquid therapy” and the freedom to be your own bartender, take a look at these cocktail recipes our Brand Fuelians have compiled for you to test drive. We cleverly dubbed them Rocket Fuel Recipes. With the right ingredients and clear instructions, there’s a seasoned, social, (judgmental) bartender in all of us!

So, grab your branded barware, enhance the liquor cabinet, and get ready to sample some pretty amazing concoctions. From sweet cocktails, classic favorites, and thirst-quenching non-alcoholic sips, we’ve got the drink recipes to lift your spirits and keep you, your friends, and your family (and all their personality types) hydrated and happy. Cheers! And please remember to always tip your hard-working, judgmental servers and bartenders!

Diane Singer, Director of First Impressions

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