Have you noticed a new face staring at you, daring your organization to Be Brave on our NEW WEBSITE? She is Jenny Ramone, the younger, tougher sister of punk rock brothers, The Ramones. Well, she’s not really related to the band. She’s a fictitious construct. But Jenny does represent the spirit of The Ramones and their “we did it our way” attitude. The gutting it out on stage night after night and influencing generations. They put it all out there in garages as well as large venues. They pioneered. They oozed fashion and individualism. The Ramones challenged other musicians. They created an experience with music that left fans with dropped jaws and sweaty t-shirts after each show.

In a business sense, Jenny represents our go-to market strategy. It starts with the simple goal to help, but along the way, we’re likely pushing back and leaning into our promise. We will show clients strategic pathways. Less of the expected and more of what works for the spirit of individualism for YOUR company. And we will unplug the amps after each campaign with satisfaction, knowing we challenged each other and worked hard to deliver impacts that matter. 

We sell branded merchandise for and from strategic thinkers. We invite you to take out the digital drumsticks and bang around our new website and let us have it: marketing@brandfuel.com.

Hey Ho, Let’s go!