World's Only SWAG Lottery Machine


UPDATE: 1/18/17 – Brand Fuel wins PPAI’s National Marketing Award for the Swag Lottery Machine!

winner ppai marketing award 2017
See the World’s Only Swag Lottery Machine in action!

And check out these great shots of unsuspecting adopters at the Triangle AMA’s High Five Conference 2016!

What do you get when you take albums by Elvis, Pat Benatar, Dionne Warwick, Barry Manilow, and The Village People, add custom-shaped branded digital reward cards in strategic — and in some cases suggestive ways and then deliver them from a delightfully irreverent, handcrafted contraption known as World’s Only Swag Lottery Machine ?

You get lines of conference attendees so long that you get to experience what it’s like to spark the always sought-after booth envy. You get to be the location attendees return to with friends (!!) saying, “This is the one I was telling you about!” You get to be the booth that causes otherwise chic, sophisticated, and composed men and women to giggle with amusement, squeal with surprise, and let their guard down as they let their inner child out.

That’s exactly what Brand Fuel enjoyed at this year’s Triangle AMA’s High Five Conference, with a most magical machine that combined the anticipatory excitement of a slot machine, the thrill of a carnival game, and the absurdity of a “Let’s Make a Deal” door surprise.

Brand Fuel’s 2016 booth had to be a standout, attention-getting marvel. The High Five Conference caters to marketers and creative and was named one of Forbes the top three 2016 “Conferences to Check Out,” after all. Plus, last year’s Brand Fuel High Five booth attraction called “BrandLibs,” a game with a unique take on Mad Libs, won awards for most interactive booth at High Five and best self-promotion marketing campaign at PPAI Expo.

A dish of hard candy and stress relievers in the shape of a rocket weren’t going to cut it as a giveaway.

Challenge accepted.

The Brand Fuel team partnered with MediaTree, a supplier of digital reward cards and incentives, and Attended Events to develop a marketing experience like no other. They sought out to create an original campaign centered on the merging of analog and digital marketing, uniting the past, present, and future.

What if recipients willingly suspended their disbelief, paid no attention to the person behind the curtain, and believed that an old-timey-looking machine alone was responsible for giving prizes – delivered by human hands – after they inserted a “Swag Ticket” into a slot?

What if the prizes were vintage vinyl albums like retro-cool Ella Fitzgerald, quirky Donnie and Marie, and ridiculous The Supremes Sing Country Western & Pop chosen at random with accompanying digital reward cards in the shape of miniature bright red Brand Fuel record albums, redeemable for modern items like music downloads, digital movie rentals, unlimited digital magazines, and even codes to donate trees online?

These “What Ifs” became a reality and everyone who stopped by the Brand Fuel booth had a fun and completely individualized marketing experience. They received gifts that were memorable, relevant, and personalized.

Every person received a unique album — which they could trade in if it was not unique enough — and the digital reward card gave recipients access to their choice in latest in digital entertainment.

They could download favorite songs, including latest from Adele, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé (and, yes, even all tracks on The Supremes Sing Country Western & Pop!), rent the popular movies like The Martian and The Big Short, read magazines like Rolling Stone, InStyle, ESPN, and Saveur, or pledge to donate trees to their choice of over 40 reforestation projects — anywhere from Alabama to Zimbabwe and even Brand Fuel’s home states of North Carolina and Virginia!

And you want to hear the best part? Brand Fuel can make all this magic happen for your organization. Visit Brand Fuel’s showroom or email us at to learn how easy it is for your brand to experience all this and more by using The World’s Only Swag Lottery Machine at your next event.

Aubrey Collins/Media Tree, guest writer, friend (and the person in the booth)

Videography by Brand Fuel’s own Joey Powell.