Consumers have a hard time trusting brands these days. One way we can make it easy for them is getting to know them and earning their trust through Human to Human (H2H) interaction. Enter The TEST of BRAVERY, where event attendees have fun aplenty at their own expense as well as get to know AND trust you!

Attendees will get a surprise and delight sensory experience that will get them laughing. They will leave your event with unique branded giveaways + a memorable brand experience.

Recommended Usage

Perfect for indoor or outdoor sales events, tradeshows and employee interaction. If you are hoping for stronger engagement, to add some fun and mystery to your brand as well as delivery of your giveaways in a very memorable way, you should consider The Bravery Test.

Product Pairing Ideas

Anything interactive that is also branded such as an assortment of temporary tattoos, slap bracelets/can coolers, socks on hand, sweatband/wristband, light-up bracelet, branded mood ring, something bigger than the hole (ha!), hot/cold packs, micro-touch gloves, flowers (yes, we can brand these with your logo), putty, painting set, hand sanitizer, hand grippers, branded shot glass with a drink inside…


3-4 weeks


Your full-color design on a mobile tradeshow style wall with 1, 2, or 3 openings (Brave, Braver, Braviest/Bravest) + Base AND UPS/FedExable shipping case: $995

A woman reacting with joy to her hand being in the "Test of Bravery" machine.
Four people's faces sticking out of holes in a big sign.

Interested in a unique brand experience?

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