You know us as the promo agency with creative branded products that helps you drive business and recognize great employees. Now, you can get fantastic products but we will also help you deliver them in fun, unique and impactful ways,

Stop giving away cheap stress relievers in funny shapes with your logo on them. Start delivering eXperiences your targets will never forget.

We invite you to explore our eXperiences:

Swag Lottery MachineSwag Lottery Machine

Insert a lottery ticket (data capture), pull a lever and watch the laughter as arms pop out of the machine, delivering swag to recipients who won’t soon forget your brand.

Swag Lottery Machine

Test of BraveryTest of Bravery

Attendees will get a surprise and delight sensory experience and also get rewarded with great swag for trusting your brand.

makebake_menu1Make and Bake

Perfect for team-building, folks will create their own design AND PRINT their own customized t-shirts while learning the ancient art of screenprinting.

Make and Bake

Brand LibsBrand Libs

This unique twist on Mad Libs delivers fill-in-the blank-style hilarious and creative outcomes on inexpensive and easy to set up display towers.

Brand Libs


This team-building memory will be savored for years to come. Think breweries! Coffee houses! Chocolate Factories! Wineries! Bakeries! This experience further supports the local movement with an educational experience.


From schools in need of books to the local children without shoes or lacking food, there are numerous ways to make a difference that we will deliver. Those who participate will be rewarded with memorable, feel-good swag.


Painter Exp PagePaint for Swag

Create! Connect! Collaborate to produce an original masterpiece. Whether for team building or capturing the attention of event goers, ignite your brand experience by engaging folks with creative expression through painting. This is a unique, hands-on (literally) way to collaborate and produce a brand story – with an original painting takeaway!

Paint for Swag

  • Stronger engagement, online and off.
  • Calls to action.
  • ROI analysis.
  • Delivery of your giveaways in a very memorable way.
  • Positive brand connection.

Attendees expect more from your event experience! Delivering on that expectation can be the difference between spending your valuable time talking to unqualified leads to actually interact with your brand – and ultimately buy from you. Anything else is a liability to your brand and a waste of your marketing dollars.

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