Branded Merchandise for Strategic Thinkers

Brand Fuel is a free-spirited, globally-recognized brand merchandising agency.

We’ll help you captivate customers & employees through meaningful merch and branded eXperiences. We help deliver connection.

How We Work

Challenger Agency

Our promise: Strategy First. Product Second. Looking to give the same items away as your competitors? Brand Fuel might not be for you. We aim to deliver thoughtful and unexpected brand merchandising campaigns. 

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Social Responsibility

We are committed to responsible sourcing, product safety, giving back to our communities and to our staff’s well-being.

Our commitment
The Fuelian Spirit

We believe in dismantling the routine, in building something purposeful — and challenging you to do the same.

How we're different

They put their foot on the gas and never let up.

— Fortune 30 Healthcare Company

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