golden retriever scottish hooligan mashup

Sales Team-

Another year is going into the Brand Fuel books so we get to measure ourselves against our past performances and goals. How did you do? If you are excited about your results, what will you do to keep the momentum going? If you’re disappointed, what will you change? What new skills do you need to learn? What old habits do you need to break? What new approaches should you try? Insanity, as it has been famously attributed to Albert Einstein, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. It’s a whole new world out there. Dynamics in our marketplace have changed. These changes certainly create opportunity. But it is not good news for old ways of doing business.

There is not an easy fix.
There is not a quick fix.

You need to make yourself indispensable to our clients. You do that by focusing on their pain points and finding solutions for them. You do that by making your approach, your marketing, your practice completely different than anything else our clients have ever seen. You need to make yourself that good. So good that your clients won’t want to work with anyone but you. To be the archetype of The Challenger. It will not be easy.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. We are in a fun business. We earn those “Best Places to Work” accolades not because of the pranks or the Wellness Programs. Those things certainly don’t hurt. We get high culture marks because of how much you all invest into your days at Brand Fuel.

You guys are like a mashup of a golden retriever and a Scottish soccer hooligan. And people like to do business with smart, passionate people who know how to have fun. Clients love your responsiveness. Your incredible knowledge of our $20 billion industry. They love how much you care. After almost two decades, they recognize our integrity. You are incredibly reliable. And about your powerful, risk-taking, artful, creative right brain ideas – that is the wizardry in what we do.

Your focus in 2016? Get Better. Get better than better. Get sensational. Continue to have fun. Be genuine. And be genuinely interested in solving problems and being a part of our clients’ teams. Learn. Be open to and consume new ideas and generate innovative solutions that challenge old ways of thinking. Share. Network. Live and work out loud.

Robert, Allison and I are so proud of each of you all and how well you work together.

Thank you.
Danny Rosin
Co-President, Brand Fuel